• Large Magnetic Drilling Macheine

Large Magnetic Drilling Macheine

Model : TC-100


TC-100 Large Magnetic Drilling Machine

Designed to use Jetbroach Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters & Twist Drill!


ü   Extra large 100 x 50 m/m hole drilling capacity.

ü   Accepts Jetbroach cutters and Twist drill through MT3 shank.

ü   Heavy duty 2-1/2 hersepower 330 rpm motor.

ü   Improved magnetic base with amazing 1800 kg holding power.

ü   Sealed through spindle coolant system.


Standard Accessories:

1. ATOLI cutter Oil 1 pc

German-type T-Spanner 1 pc

Hex key wrench 1 set

JetBroach MT3 shank 1 pc

Center pin (long and short size each 1 pc)

Drill Chuck 5/8” with shank 1 pc

User’s Manual







Power source (single phase)

230V AC  50/60Hz

Drill motor

Rated power consumption

1600 W

Rated current

7.4 A

No load speed min-1(rpm)

330 r.p.m.

Hole-cutting capacity

Hole diameter

Plate thickness

Side-lock type Jetbroach

32~100 m/m

50 m/m

Twist drill

2~32 m/m

150 m/m

Magnet holding power (kgf)

1800 kg

Magnet dimensions (m/m)

135 x 260 m/m

Mass(weight) (kg)

50 kg

Height (m/m)

575 m/m

* These specifications and the shape may be changed for improvement without prior notice