Company History


In Taichung Nam Xuefu 91 (formerly Zhongxiao Road, Lane No.) was founded under construction and mechanical hardware company, engaged in the sale of machinery, hardware, sales of the company's start, also sprout.


Expand service levels in Taiping A nineteen additional production, producing high-speed precision drilling system, 1977 research and development in manufacturing pneumatic riveters.


Business expansion, additional foreign ministry, handling matters relating to export products to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong's major overseas sales regions, respectively, in the National Committee of Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other companies make substantial distribution agent for the company's products, and domestic North , central and southern parts of mainland China's total distribution and series into extensive sales network, sales surface extended to Europe, Australia and the Americas.


Development and manufacturing of hydraulic riveters, pneumatic riveters biaxial.
March 10 to improve service quality and corporate image, and then create a set up, "Cheng Limited" in the sound of everyone's blessing, the creation of the company was born, to strengthen the production line, improve productivity and international standards, and spending huge sums to buy the production department of land plant construction in Dali City Dongxing Road 535, Lane No. 6, Lane 6 completed and opened in 1989.


Industry Technology Research Institute and Foundation Institute of Machinery Industry and technical cooperation, research and development of new products SRC automatic drilling machinery. Eighty-three years in July to participate in the Republic Ministry of Economic Affairs at the Co-operative exchange group Flows, and related SMEs, to observe each other, consultation, research, and promote self-growth.


Love uplift forces set up branch offices in Dongguan area, customer service and other areas of Guangdong.


Founded in Kunshan City office processing services business in Northeast, providing fast delivery, quality and speedy service efficiency.