• Full Automatic-Portable Magnetic Drilling Macine

Full Automatic-Portable Magnetic Drilling Macine

Model : ATT-35


ATT-35 Full Automatic-Portable Magnetic Cutting Machine

*  Fully Auto Function Design
With 3-step speed-change feed. needless to be operated by manual and able to reduce the wearing rate for blade.

*  Slow Start System
The slow start mechanism is designed to cope with cutting hard oxidized surfaces of rolled steel materials. The electric drill is advanced slowly during the first few seconds of cutting.

*  Automatic Feed System
The automatic feed system allows perfect holes to be cut without the need for expertise. The rate of feed is controlled automatically according to the cutting load and cutter sizes.

*  Automatic Return System
The automatic return system allows the next hole to be worked immediately. When the hole is completed, the electric drill lifts up speedily then stops.

*  Cartridge Type Oil Tank System
Use of stainless steel oil cup with big capacity, never be broken off, single point oil tank convenient design for replacement, and even oiling in the middle way, the drilling operation is still unable to be stopped.

* Solidly Designed For Out-Standing Durability
Designed with the greatest possible consideration for lasting quality, it is provided with a switch knob protector, an oil dropper inside the electric drill, and the feed motor is fully enclosed within the body of the machine.






Power source(Singe phase)

220V-240V 50/60HZ

Hole capacity

13-35 mm

Magnet holding power

800 kg

Magnet power consumption

44 W

Magnet dimensions

175 x 95 x 46 mm

Maximun stroke

80 mm


21 kg

Cabtyre cable

3 M

Drill Motor

Rated power consumption

680 W

Rated ampere



Total height

315 mm

No-load speed

650 rpm.

* These specifications and the shape may be changed for improvement without prior notice